by Sam Pout

Omnibus Theatre, July 2023

Published: 8 Jul 2023

'An incredible piece of writing'
Everything Theatre

'An exquisite production'
Broadway World

'Three sterling Performances'
Lost in Theatreland

Written by Sam Pout.
Directed by Rosa Higgs
Produced by Sam Pout and Alice Eve

This is the book of Genesis 2, and AI is our saviour. No famine, no war; just you, me, and that person I wish you were instead.

This is the book of Genesis 2. The world is scarred by war, and environmental catastrophe has caused living to become unbearable. The last resort for Earth’s remaining population is to put its future in the hands of AI technology known as IONA. Three subjects enter IONA’s world, with the hope that within them they carry the answer to a new way of living. However, as IONA pushes them to their limits, the answer to humanity’s dream escapes them, leaving a scarier future in its wake.

Exploring the origins of morality and the desirable chaos of sexuality, this bold new play creates a landscape stretching from lush fields and scorching deserts to a place of pure desolation. Welcome to the healing process.

A brand-new sci-fi thriller from debut writer Sam Pout (★★★★★ The Brave Anthology). Having premiered at Mountview Academy in 2021, it now features as part of Omnibus Theatre’s first ever AI Festival. Previous work of Sam’s has featured at Omnibus Theatre, Vaults Theatre and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe meeting critical acclaim.

'If expanded and developed accordingly, it might have the reach and impact of a new Earth-shaking classic.'
★★★★ Broadway World

Flora Douglas as Murphy

Rauridh Aldington as Alecks

Clare Noy as Phi

Photo credit : Abby Timms Photography

'Fisheye is an incredible piece of writing with a depth that leaves the room for endless debate'
★★★★ Everything Theatre

'Aldous Huxley and his "Brave New World" haunts the fringes like an ancestral spectral ancestor'
★★★★ Lost in Theatreland

'It is undeniably and lovingly thought-provoking'
Everything Theatre

Murphy - Flora Douglas
Alecks - Ruaridh Aldington
Phi - Clare Noy
Iona - Mai Weisz

Writer - Sam Pout.
Director - Rosa Higgs
Producers - Sam Pout and Alice Eve
Assistant Director - Joshua Bryant-Jones
Lighting Design - Han Sayles

With special thanks to Omnibus Theatre, Marie McCarthy, Eleanor Grice and Paloma Jacob-Duvernet

After its week run at Omnibus Theatre and the a successful response from reviewers and audiences, Fisheye will go into further development with the aim for it to be staged as a full-scale production for a longer run in a venue. Sam is open for discussions with venues or producers and is very happy to be contacted regarding its future development.